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After extensive research of the recreational aviation industry in Canada, it was determined that the “Advanced Ultralight” category would be the future for recreational flying in this country. In addition, this category may become the initial stepping stone for those interested in aviation as a career.

Based on this information, Action Ultralights Unlimited was established in 1998 by Gary O’Brien and Ross Abderhalden of Victoria, British Columbia. Both men have extensive backgrounds in aviation and business management and regard safety and professionalism as the keys to success.

Our Instructors:

Gary O'Brien

Gary O’Brien

Steve Morley

Steve Morley

Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher
Gary has been involved in aviation for over 45 years and enjoys building, teaching, and flying aircraft. He’s spent 20 years on Ultralights which includes over 4,000 hours of teaching in them. Gary is a Flight Instructor, Transport Canada: Authorized Person and Pilot Examiner, Industry Canada Radio Examiner and a certified Rotax Maintenance Technician. Steve started learning to fly before graduating high school (much to his teachers chagrin), and fell in love with the teaching aspect instead of flying for the “lines”.  After teaching private pilots for a few years at a flight school here on Vancouver Island, he came aboard at Action Ultralights in 2008 and teaches flight training and ground school. Sam has always had a keen interest in aviation. He was a member of one of the first RapAttack crews of the BC Forest Service in Cranbrook in 1963. Family and a career in information systems took a higher priority for the middle years until retirement in 2006. He’s been flying ultralights since 2004 and started teaching ground school for Action Ultralights in 2007.

Our Mission

To provide quality and professional flight instruction so that our students will become confident and safe pilots while enjoying the benefits of flight. Our Transport Canada Certified Flight Instructors will ensure the highest training standards.

The aircraft selected to meet our demanding safety and training requirements is the popular Genesis. This Transport Canada Approved Advanced Ultralight offers an enclosed cockpit, side by side seating and user-friendly controls.

The location carefully selected to operate our flight school from is the Duncan Airport (CAM3). It is midway between the two largest cities on Vancouver Island – Victoria and Nanaimo, a 45 minute drive from either city. The Duncan Airport is restricted to light aircraft thereby offering a comfortable training atmosphere to novice pilots. Our location on the edge of the designated flight training area reduces travel time and helps keep costs to a minimum.

Member of COPA – UPAC – RAA – VIULA


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